The Afriticket team leads the field in Onboard Monitoring and Digital Inspection Services.The highly trained and specifically skilled team combines to provide development, installation, maintenance, management and Inspection services second to none. In developing this first of its kind service the Afriticket team has set the bar for Revenue Protection, Passenger Safety, Operational Efficiencies and overall client control of public transport fleets.

Making use of the latest technology and in-house developed software and systems, Afriticket is the global pioneer of Digital Inspection Services. The unique and ground breaking Digital Inspection Service combines Onboard Video Footage with Telemetry Data and Schedule information collected by the Afriticket Onboard Devices. Such combination of sources of information is then integrated and presented to a highly trained Digital Inspector via proprietary software enabling the rapid and accurate inspection and monitoring of all aspects of the revenue, passenger safety, and route operations.

The Digital Inspection results are then presented to the client as an easy to read statistical analysis of the period of Inspection. Severe or potentially severe infractions and events are reported as individual Violation Footage clips. Such Violation Footage represents any incident causing potential or actual losses to the client company’s revenue, reputation or assets either through direct theft and ticketing fraud or unauthorised use and costly abuse of client assets.

Further to this all severe incidents are captured as a numbered Specific Violation Clip allowing client companies to take swift and decisive action against transgressors using incontestable video evidence with the result that oversight and control of all aspects of the operation is once again returned to the management team.

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