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Welcome to Afriticket home of the most advanced Onboard Monitoring platform as well as the unique and revolutionary Digital Inspection Service. Since 2005 Afriticket has been developing and operating cutting edge Ticketing as well as Onboard Monitoring and Reporting systems designed to simultaneously improve revenue, passenger and asset security.

The Afriticket Onboard platform offers monitoring via a multi camera array combined with GPS, GPRS, Wireless and other mobile communications devices. In addition the platform also offers the opportunity to integrate engine management, fuel monitoring and indeed any other vehicle and system monitoring devices as part of the real time delivery of data. Added functionality such as Destination Display Management, Next Stop announcements and even Onboard Media Broadcasting is also an available feature set. The Afriticket System also offers back end Passenger Interaction services allowing smart phone access to routing, scheduling and timing of operations to passengers on the go.  Meet Our Team

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Making use of the latest technology and in-house developed software and systems, Afriticket is the global pioneer of Digital Inspection Services. The unique and ground breaking Digital Inspection Service combines Onboard Video Footage with Telemetry Data and Schedule information collected by the Afriticket Onboard Devices. Such combination of sources of information is then integrated and presented to a highly trained Digital Inspector via proprietary software enabling the rapid and accurate inspection and monitoring of all aspects of the revenue, passenger safety, and route operations.

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